Childbirth Choices since 2008

PLACENTA ENCAPSULATION -  Nicola is trained and certified to adhere to strict sanitization protocols in accordance with her Bloodborne pathogen training, her First Aid training and her Food Safety Handling training and certification with Ontario Public Health Department. She started providing this service in 2006 and has helped over 300 women have a happier, less stressful postpartum experience.

BREASTFEEDING ASSISTANCE - Nicola started working with her local public Health authority in Glasgow back in  1992 to help  educate and assist breastfeeding mothers who were having a difficult time both physically and  emotionally. On top of her experience as a mom and her training as a doula, she completed the CAPPA Lactation Education program and the WHO 20 hour breastfeeding course. Nicola is a member of the North Simcoe Breastfeeding Coalition and the BEST Coalition in Collingwood. She has devoted six and half years to personally breastfeeding her own babies and is passionate about sharing the benefits and helping other  women have a great breastfeeding experience if this is how they wish to feed their babies. Nicola can be booked to assist breastfeeding mothers overnight or for a few hours to assist with latching or other breastfeeding difficulties.

Since 2008



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PRENATAL CLASSES - Nicola  certified with both ALACE and ICEA as an internationally certified Childbirth  Educator and has been teaching classes in this area since 2008. All classes offer the most up to date evidence  based information and her passion is to make sure that you have all of your options so that you can make the best birth choices for you and your baby. This is the most comprehensive, hands on comfort measures class that this area offers. Let me share almost ten years of comfort measures that I have used in birth settings to help you cope with contractions. Whether you intend to go all natural without pain medication or as far as you can until you choose pain medication or an epidural, you will love this class.

LABOUR DOULA  - Nicola certified with both CAPPA and ALACE as a professional labour doula and shares over nine years and more than 300 birth experiences with you to be one of the most experienced doulas in Collingwood.

POSTPARTUM DOULA- Nicola was one of the first doulas in Essex County  to certify as both a birth and a  postpartum doula with CAPPA  and has experience assisting more than 200 new families make the transition into parenthood - with a little more sleep :) Evening and weekend hours are on offer only until further notice. If you need more than this, I am happy to put you in touch with a colleague.