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IN HOME PRIVATE - $300  per couple

Childbirth Choices Prenatal Classes and Placenta Encapsulation

All  courses offered cover all content listed below and include a birth ball and snacks.

$300 per couple.

We promise not to make you do anything silly.

Childbirth Choices

Prenatal Classes

Private classes  consist of two 3 to 4 hour classes before which you watch all of the DVD's in your own home, in your own time. You select the time and location. If you have another paying couple attend, your class is half price! 

​Classes can be modified to suit you individually ie Private VBAC class, private comfort measures  or private C section class.

Investment $300

Class Six

Postpartum mood disorders, community resources, breastfeeding, positions, benefits, the first few weeks.

Class Five


What's normal for mom and baby after the birth, skin to skin care, delayed cord clamping, the placenta, circumcision,your baby's first week, movie

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Class Four

Epidurals narcotic pain relief, induction, cesarean birth, episiotomy, interventions, movie.

Class Three

Optimal Fetal Positioning, movie, 

Extensive advanced comfort measures for labour class, movie

Class  Two

Birth "plans",preterm labour, braxton hicks contractions, prodromal labour, rupture of membranes, vaginal exams,  labour 101, movie.

Class One

Fear-tension-pain cycle, brief history of birth, professional labour support, inside scoop on  local care providers and birth locations in this area, common pregnancy discomforts and remedies, weight gain, movie